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Discussion Questions for your Seder

One way to use the questions below is to cut out each question as an individual strip of paper. Put all of the strips into a basket. Each person should then pull out one question and look at it; if they like or feel able to answer it, great, and if not, then put it back into the basket and choose another one. Try coming up with some questions of your own. Enjoy!

Pesach/Haggadah Questions

How does the Jewish people’s assimilation into Egyptian culture resemble Jewish assimilation today? Why should Jews be Jewish if modern culture is attractive?

When speaking about Jewish identity in Egypt: What does Jewish identity mean now?

The Midrash says that the Jews maintained their names in Egypt. Tell us a story about your Hebrew name. How did you get it? Who is it named after? Do you like it?

On harsh work conditions: In our day-to-day lives, if there were one thing you could change about your work life, what would it be?

The word Mitzrayim (Egypt) resembles the Hebrew word for constriction. What is one aspect of your personal Mitzrayim? What is holding you back the most?

On not waiting for Matzah to rise Talk about a time that you could not afford to wait a single moment because your future literally hung in the balance

Regarding the miracles: What is a miracle? Have you experienced one in your life?

When speaking about jumping in the Red Sea: What have you done recently/in your life that took you way out of your comfort zone?

When singing Dayenu: What gift in our life do you most appreciate?

When eating matzah: If you could eradicate laziness from your life and live with complete discipline, what would you like to accomplish?

Which symbol on the seder plate do you think is the most important and why?

Image by Lazarovic from Pixabay What is the “maror” in your life? Do you have any “Charoset” to help “sweeten the taste”?

If you could recreate the Four Questions to ask four of your own, what would they be?

Re the Ten Plagues - Do you believe in a God who punishes people? Who would kill Egyptian babies?

What experiences in your life have given you hope? Tell about some struggle to change something that worked. What did you learn from it?

Does technology give us greater freedom or enslave us?


Are we ever satisfied or do we always crave more? Is there something in your life that you simply cannot get enough of?

What’s your favourite Pesach song and why? What kind of music do you love the most?

Note: If you missed Dr Malamet's pre-Pesach shiur, you can access the recording here

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